Soundcloud : Illicit Tunes

              Art Direction + Strategy : Toni Smalls
              Strategy + Copywriting : Chloe Sacre 

Position Soundcloud as an creative incubator rather than a for-profit streaming app. 

Soundcloud is commonly used for upcoming artists. Last year alone Spot*fy removed nearly 1 million songs from their platform. These same songs can often be found on Soundcloud. We can emphasize that even unlicensed or censored music are means of creative expression that should be celebrated.

Illicit Tunes by Soundcloud : A philanthropic org that questions music censorship & supports artists.


When approaching any philanthropic social, making clear concise statements helps  the audience understand your message. We wanted to clearly state what our efforts were about while incorporating aesthetics. We chose a mix of statement posts with ‘local DJ photography’ to create an informative & community based medium.


We chose this social media outlet because it tends to be less restrictive & holds a more informal tone, that we can use to relay
facts & events - using it as a journalistic medium.

OOH : 

Statement pieces for OOH advertising help reinforce the brands ‘rebellious attitude’.
Pairing with a blatant statement to entice people to find out more.

 MERCH :                                 

These are curated tapes that feature local or upcoming artists. Cassette tapes are a permanent piece of music, therefore can’t be removed off of apps etc. Handing these out could be a direct representation of the rebellion that comes with making music.

Pins have been associated with the punk rock
community for decades. Similarly to punk rock,
we wanted something that showed allyship, and
created a sense of community.
A one-off PR stunt to bring awareness to the campaign, while also creating awareness for the artists :
Illicit Tunes, a philanthropic endeavor by SoundCloud, took its message to the popular music label ‘Virgin Records’ this week. The organization placed cars with listening booths in the parking lot every single day. This lets passerby listen to a plethora of music, from unsigned artists to local mixing masters.  

Playlist of popular banned mixes and songs you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Aktiv Grotesk Hebr Bold
  • A Grazing Mace

A sleek yet vibrant color way spices up Soundcloud’s original color palette to make something more rebellious and identifiable.

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