MAGIC CURTAIN

                                                                                                Samantha Pleet    

Problem : The pandemic and social media have
pushed people too far from Mother Nature.
Being in isolation and enjoying the Earth is
essential to a beautiful life.

Insight : Samantha Pleet’s clothing falls in line within the “cottage-core” aesthetic - an aesthetic and culture that celebrates and embraces surrounding yourself with the beautiful The Great Outdoors.

Execution: Using a Magic Curtain - we are able to transport people where phones won’t allow them to go. We’ll show Samantha Pleet allows you to go there in comfort and style.

Strategy : We’ll target cities and high populated areas that need that step away from that bustling  “City That Never Sleeps” mindset.

Fonts Colors and Assets


                                                                       Direction and Photography by Toni Smalls
                                                                               Clothes by Brand Samantha Pleet.